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What is group life insurance?

Group life insurance – also known as death in service insurance – is an attractive employee benefit designed to financially support your employee’s loved ones by providing them with a cash lump-sum payment.

Stand out from the crowd

Offering meaningful employee benefits could help attract and retain the best people for your business.

Show your staff you care

If you value your team, show them you care! It may be a more affordable benefit than you think.

Easily compare quotes

Compare quotes and policies from a range of leading insurance providers.

How does group life insurance work?

  • Organised by your company, it’s an affordable insurance policy that insures against the death of your employee.
  • Pays a cash lump sum payment to the loved ones of your employee. Typically, this is a multiple of their salary.
  • Your employee must be in your employment, but the death doesn’t have to have taken place at work or been the result of work.
  • Premiums are not treated as a benefit in kind for employees.
  • The policy is written in trust and the benefit is normally not subject to inheritance tax.
  • Your company premiums will typically benefit from being treated as an allowable business expense.

This information is based on our current understanding of current tax law legislation and HMRC practice.

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How does Protect My People work?


We search the market.

Enter company details once in order to obtain quotes from a range of insurance providers.


Small to medium businesses.

Our service is specifically designed for SMEs and can return quotes for as few as 3 people.


We’re here for you.

Simply return to us for quotes when your scheme rates ends after the initial guaranteed period. Auto-revision of your existing policy may cost you money.

We’ve helped 100,000s of people to find individual life cover policies through insurance comparison services since 2001. Protect My People is designed to help save you time and money in order to find the most cost-effective group life policy for your needs.

How does a Group Life Registered Scheme work?

  • ProtectMyPeople only quote for Registered Group Life schemes.
  • Registered with HM Revenue & Customers (HMRC) these schemes are treated like an Occupational Pension Scheme.
  • Lump sum benefits will count towards a member’s lifetime allowance. See our FAQs.
  • A registered scheme is not suitable for any member with Enhanced, Fixed or Individual Protection as they could lose their benefit unlike an Excepted Group Life scheme.

How much could it cost?

Get an indication of how much it could cost by using our calculator below.

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Why compare quotes for group life insurance?

Designed to save you time

It can be time consuming to research and setup employee benefits for the first time. Researching providers and different policies can take hours. With Protect My People, our service lets you compare policies from leading insurance providers without having to contact each one individually.

We provide you with all the key features, policy benefits and prices from the providers. The majority of our providers will come back with quotes within two working days, providing you with the essential information to be able to consider which policy meets your needs. From this, you could get your employees insured within a matter of days.

We’ll even send you a reminder when your policy‘s guaranteed rate is up for revision, so you can easily return to Protect My People and review quotes to see whether you could save money. All you’ll need to do is update any details about your business and employees. In most cases, we will return quotes to you within two working days.

Designed for small to medium businesses

Whether you’re a company of 2 or a company of 250, the insurance providers on our panel serve small to medium businesses. As a business owner, you may be surprised at the relatively lower cost of a group life policy per person compared to the cost of individual life insurance policies.

Designed to effortlessly compare different policies

We usually provide you with access to a range of insurance providers and their different policies to consider. Most providers have additional features and services that either come as standard or at an extra cost. Typically, most standard features include bereavement support and probate services. We summarise these features, allowing you to easily compare between providers and select the policy that best suits your needs.

Easy quote comparison when your scheme’s guaranteed rate is due for revision

We understand how important it is to keep business costs as effective as possible, particularly with insurance policies where auto-revision can drive costs up. So, when it comes to reviewing your group life insurance scheme, we make it as easy as possible.

Simply come back to Protect My People to update the information you originally provided about your company and employees. From this, we aim to return new quotes to you within two working days. While the majority of providers will provide quotes within two working days, some may take longer. In these cases, we will send them to you as soon as we receive them, providing a final quote summary within 11 working days.

You can then decide whether to remain with your existing provider or switch to another, bearing in mind any staff illnesses or absences from work. Should you arrange this through Protect My People, this is all managed quickly and hassle free.

What is group life insurance?

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